Works in Progress: Transcriptions of Manuscripts, Edition of Sources, and Inventories of Collections

(1) Transcription of the Commentaria philosophica ad mentem Doctoris Subtilissimi Joannis Duns Scoti Saccratissimi Ordinis Minorum et Theologorum Principis, P.P.F. Joannem de Fuica ordinis eiusdem regularis observantiae Provinciae Chilensis, 1687. A critical edition of the entire text, currently in preparation by Roberto Hofmeister Pich, Márcio Paulo Cenci, and Santiago Orrego Sánchez, is planned for the next two years.

(2) Inventory of the Philosophical and Theological manuscripts of the Archivo Franciscano de Chile, to be done by Fray Rigoberto Iturriaga and Márcio Paulo Cencia.

(3) Edition of Jerónimo Valera’s Summulae dialecticae, which is the first part of Valera’s Commentarii ac quaestiones in universam Aristotelis ac subtilissimi Doctoris Ihoannis Duns Scoti logicam, Lima 1609-1610. It was both the first Summulae and the first philosophical work published in South America. Being a “Scotist logic”, it integrates in one sole work John Duns Scotus’s and “pseudo-Scotus’s” theories of terms, theories of propositions, and theories of consequences into the literary form of “Summulae logicales”, traditional to Baroque scholasticism at the beginning of the 17th. century . The edition of Valera’s Summulae is being prepared by R. H. Pich.

(4) Transcription and edition of the Commentaria in libros Artis Physicorum... P.P.F. Diego Pérez Muchotrigo, fratris minoris Provinciae Duodecim Apostolorum, Lima ca. 1590. This is an unedited manuscript found at the library of the Convento de San Francisco de Lima, which is probably the first and oldest surviving philosophical piece written in South America. Transcription and edition are being prepared by R. H. Pich.


(8) Publication Project Scholastica Iberica & Colonialis – Profiles of Ibero-American Thinkers

The publication project “Scholastica Iberica & Colonialis – Profiles of Ibero-American Thinkers” was accepted by publishers in Spain and Brazil (publishing houses from the University of Salamanca and UNISINOS). Through this project, the editors want to present and introduce readers to European (Iberian) and Latin American thinkers Scholastica colonialis is concerned with. For the research groups in Brazil, Peru, Chile, Spain, and Portugal it will be at the same time a permanent challenge to study and become more and more acquainted with these authors. The idea is also to motivate people from differents places and universities to colaborate and contribute with studies.

All volumes should be profiles of important – but still quite unknown – thinkers for that period and for that context of ideas (and, of course, thinkers that belonged in a relevant sense to both “New and Old Worlds”). Each volume shall have a Chapter called “Life and Works” and a Bibliography. The further divisions will depend of course on the particularities and special contributions of each thinker we consider important to be explained and exposed. So for example the first volume (about Tomás de Mercado) will be divided in three parts: (i) logic, (ii) ethics and politics, (iii) economical thought.

Contributions in Spanish and English will be accepted. Each volume may have an extension of 300 pages in average. The fundamental purpose is to render authors and their ideas more known: the volumes must be “profiles”, “introductions”, not proceedings based on detailed discussions and very particular issues of interpretation.

Proposers and organizers of “Scholastica Iberica & Colonialis – Profiles of Ibero-American Thinkers” are Prof. Dr. R. H. Pich (PUCRS, Porto Alegre), A. S. Culleton (UNISINOS, São Leopoldo), and M. L. Pulido (Universidad do Porto). The Scientific Committee of the Series is composed by: Prof. Dr. M. J. F. M. Hoenen (Universität Freiburg); Prof. Dr. Kent Emery, Jr. (University of Notre Dame); Prof. Dr. Jacob Schmutz, (Sorbonne, Abu Dhabi). Prof. Dr. Costantino Esposito (Università degli studi de Bari); Prof. Dr. José Luis Fuertes (Universidad de Salamanca); (Prof. Dr. Jean Paul Coujou, Institut Catholique de Toulouse); Prof. Dr. Mário Santiago de Carvalho (Universidade de Coimbra); Prof. Dr. Santiago Orrego Sánchez (Universidad Católica de Chile); Prof. Dra. Laura Corso de Estrada (Conicet – UCA-UBA, Buenos Aires); Prof. Dr. Ángel Luis González (Universidad de Navarra).

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