Bibliography in Preparation (Studies)

A volume with the title “Scholastica colonialis – Reception and Development of Baroque Scholasticism in Latin America, 16th-18th Centuries”, which corresponds to the proceedings of the IV International Conference of Medieval Philosophy, held at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul , is in preparation for the year 2013 and will be published in the series THEMA of the Fédération Internationale des Institutes d’Études Médiévales (FIDEM).

The volume will be organized by R. H. PICH and A. S. CULLETON. These are the provisional titles of each of the seventeen studies:

(1) “An Essay on Rhetoric, Probabilism, and Jesuit Modernity”, Luis E. BACIGALUPO
(2) “Notes on Antonio Rubio’s Commentary on Aristotle’s De anima”, Sandro D’ONOFRIO
(3) “Predestination: God’s Intellective or Volitive Act? The Debate on Predestination in the Tractationes Posthumae in Primam Partem Divi Thomae, of José de Aguilar (Tractatus II q. 4)”, Cléber Eduardo dos Santos DIAS
(4) “Homiletic Art according to António Vieira. Study on the Sermon of “Sexagesima” or on the Power and Reach of the Word”, Luis Evandro HINRICHSEN
(5) “The Philosophical and Theological Formation of Father António Vieira”, Émilien Vilas Boas REIS
(6) “The “Underground University” of the Jesuits imprisoned in S. Julião da Barra and the Formation of Missionaries of the Company of Jesus in the 18th. Century”, Luiz Fernando Medeiros RODRIGUES
(7) “Ioannes de Fuica’s Scotistic Account of the Object of Metaphysics”, Santiago ORREGO SÁNCHEZ
(8) “Intellective and Appetitive Potencies, and the Act of Cognition according to Alfonso Briceño (1587-1668)”, Márcio Paulo CENCI
(9) “An Overview of the Philosophical Eclecticism of the Colonies (18th. Century) up to the First Years of Independence of Chile: The Case of Juan Egaña”, Andrés VIAL
(10) “Tradition and Modernity: Suárez’s Doctrine on the Nature of the Passions”, Paula Oliveira SILVA
(11) “Will and Reason in Suárez’s Commentary to the De Passionibus and to the De voluntario of Thomas Aquinas”, Ángel Poncela GONZÁLEZ
(12) “Dominium and Voluntary Slavery: Jesuit Political Thought in Brazil during the Colonial Period”, Alfredo STORCK
(13) “Notes on Scotism in Iberian Peninsula: The Case of Fr. Mateo de Sosa, OFM (17th. Century)”, Manuel Lázaro PULIDO
(14) “Jerónimo Valera (1568-1625) and his Scotistic Account of Universals”, Roberto Hofmeister PICH
(15) “Lords of Sky: The Majors Cosmographers and the System of the World in the Vice-Royalty of Peru”, Roberto KATAYAMA
(16) “Politics and Rights in 16th. Century Mexico: A New Reading of Alonso de Veracruz”, J. Ramiro PODETTI
(17) “The Moral Dimension of Economics: The Scholastic Doctrine of Value according Tomás de Mercado and Ioannes de Lugo”, Alfredo Santiago CULLETON.

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